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PDGA Divisions

Signing up for the correct division can make a huge difference in enjoying a tournament. The PDGA has guidelines that will help you sign up in the correct division.

If you are a PDGA member and have a rating you can easily see what divisions you qualify to play in by comparing your rating to the following chart. If you do not have a PDGA rating then you can determine your approximate rating a couple ways. The best way is to compare your score at a previous tournament to other rated players at that tournament. If this is your first tournament then you can compare your average score at a course with previous tournaments at that course. However, it is important to note that normally a course plays more difficult during a tournament due to additional OB lines, slower play and the pressure of competition. 

Class Division Name Code Ages Minimum Rating
Amateur Advanced MA1 All Any (Required for 935+)
Amateur Intermediate MA2 All < 935
Amateur Recreation MA3 All < 900
Amateur Novice MA4 All < 850
Amateur Advanced Master MM1 40+ Any
Amateur Advanced Grandmaster MG1 50+ Any
Amateur Women Advanced FW1 Any Any (Required for 800+)
Amateur Women Intermediate FW2 Any < 800
Amateur Women Advanced Master FM1 40+ Any

Pro players rated under 970 may compete in select Amateur divisons at PDGA events, for which they qualify. Pros under 40 years of age may play Advanced if their rating is under 970. Pros under 50 years of age may play Advanced Master if their rating is under 935. Pro women may play advanced if their rating is under 850. Pros may play in divisions below advanced if qualified by rating.

Players turning 40 in the current calendar year qualify to play in the Masters division even if they are 39 at the time of the tournament. Likewise players turning 50 in the current calendar year qualify to play Grandmaster.

Youth Divisions:

Youths playing in Junior divisions must be less than the age indicated for each division for the entire calendar year. Thus a player turning 17 in December of the current year would NOT be eligible for Junior II and would be required to play Junior I for the entire calendar year. Junior I players must be 19 and Junior II players must be 16 for the entire calendar year not just when they play in the event.

Division Code Age
Junior I MJ1 or FJ1 < 20 during calendar year
Junior II MJ2 or FJ2 < 17 during calendar year
Junior III MJ3 or FJ3 < 14 during calendar year
Junior IV MJ4 or FJ4 < 11 during calendar year