15th Annual Freeze in The Trees Registrations

DateTimeDivisionPDGA #First NameLast NameAce Pot
11/30/186:02 PM MA1 Nathan Crutchfield Yes
11/30/186:02 PM MA40 Joe Hellickson Yes
11/30/187:44 PM MA1 Mikey Barringer Yes
11/30/188:44 PM MA2 Chuck Mintz Yes
12/01/1812:17 AM MA1 Anthony Hawley Yes
12/01/186:13 AM MPO Josh Bohling Yes
12/01/186:19 AM MPO Jason Van proyen Yes
12/01/188:27 AM MA2 John Lewis No
12/01/1810:06 AM MA2 Frank Marzec Yes
12/02/1811:07 PM MA50 Douglas Hamar Yes
12/06/185:21 PM MA1 Scott Woods Yes
12/06/185:22 PM MA50 Airbounce Ed Yes
12/07/182:01 PM MA40 Chris Carter Yes
12/07/186:50 PM MA2 Tyler Rubin Yes
12/12/1811:15 PM MP40 Gary Hill Yes
12/14/188:40 AM MA2 Cody HIll No
12/18/1812:13 PM MA40 Buca Johnson No
12/18/1812:13 PM MA2 Devon Johnson No
12/19/1810:29 AM MA50 Steve Rolling Yes
12/19/184:05 PM MA40 Art Chambers No
12/19/184:32 PM MA40 Tim Bayliss Yes
12/19/1810:35 PM MP40 Brad Quatsoe Yes
12/20/1812:37 PM MP50 Getty Freeman No
12/20/182:46 PM MA1 Marco Reyes Yes
12/20/186:07 PM MP40 Cajun Yes
12/21/181:34 PM MA1 Justice Berger Yes
12/26/186:11 PM MA2 Logan Hill No
12/26/186:11 PM MA40 Paul Hawk No
12/26/188:58 PM MP50 Eric Edgerton Yes
12/31/183:08 PM MP40 Ming Vang Yes
01/01/197:49 PM MA50 John Johnson Yes
01/02/197:14 AM MA40 Coach Matt Broers Yes
01/03/1912:19 PM MA2 Andrew Raines Yes
01/03/1912:31 PM MP40 Cody Bernius Yes
01/03/1912:48 PM MA50 Randy Ivie Yes
01/03/193:16 PM MP50 Todd Bates Yes
01/03/193:43 PM MPO Travis Thomas Yes
01/03/193:52 PM MPO Chase Mfd Yes
01/03/194:14 PM MA50 Lou Berger Yes
01/04/192:31 PM MA1 Sam Winecoff No
01/05/198:01 PM MA2 Johnathan Lewis No
01/07/195:25 AM MPO Austin Grinde Yes
01/11/194:25 PM MA1 Jonathan Senasack Yes
01/13/197:04 AM MPO Tyler Kunkel No
01/13/197:05 AM MA40 Jason Martin Yes
01/14/199:44 AM MPO Sean Driscoll Yes
01/14/1911:21 AM MPO Mitch Shoemake Yes
01/16/1910:31 PM MA40 Ted Paull Yes
01/17/196:51 AM MPO Frank Dorsett Yes
01/18/199:41 AM MPO Alex Koeplin Yes
01/19/193:51 PM MA1 Anthony Cooley Yes
01/19/195:25 PM MA50 Ted Couillard Yes
01/19/197:04 PM MA40 Matthew Schwerin Yes
01/19/197:23 PM MP40 Keith Lionetti Yes
01/19/1911:46 PM MA1 Daegan Acevedo Yes
01/20/1912:25 PM MA40 Dan Hargrave Yes
01/20/195:55 PM MA2 Mitch Lewis No
01/20/198:19 PM MA1 Michael Jensen Yes
01/20/198:22 PM MA2 Nick Avlos Yes
01/20/198:43 PM MPO Wade Curtis Yes
01/21/198:52 AM MA2 Brett Leverett Yes
01/21/192:25 PM MA2 Kendal Dressel Yes
01/21/192:33 PM MA2 Jordan Karavias Yes
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