Festivus 2019 Registrations

DateTimeDivisionPDGA #First NameLast NameAce Pot
12/17/186:01 PM MA60 Dayna Reed Yes
12/17/186:03 PM MA60 Bear Judge Yes
12/17/186:22 PM MA40 Jason Hill Yes
12/17/187:32 PM MA3 David Butkovich No
12/17/187:50 PM MA50 Don Alexander Yes
12/17/189:19 PM MA60 Eugene Fackler Yes
12/18/1812:53 AM MPO Shane Foreman Yes
12/18/182:33 AM MA50 Jonathan Smith Yes
12/18/183:35 AM MA50 Mike Palermo Yes
12/18/187:04 AM MPO Devin Ross Yes
12/18/1812:12 PM MA2 Rob Dudenhoefer Yes
12/18/1812:12 PM MA2 Phil Dudenhoefer Yes
12/18/182:01 PM MP50 Jay Sexton No
12/18/182:01 PM FP40 Toni Hoyman No
12/18/183:12 PM MPO Scott Withers Yes
12/18/183:21 PM MPO Tyler Redman Yes
12/18/183:37 PM MPO Justin Joers Yes
12/18/186:21 PM MA60 Robert Jones Yes
12/19/187:50 AM MA40 Scott Wales Yes
12/19/189:23 AM MP40 Jeff Balllard Yes
12/19/181:00 PM MP40 John Ollis Yes
12/19/186:34 PM MP40 Jason Demeter No
12/21/1811:14 AM MA1 Andrew Boyle Yes
12/22/1811:38 PM MA60 Gary Erwin Yes
12/23/182:11 PM MA1 Eric Gregory Yes
12/23/187:58 PM MA40 Rick Godden Yes
12/26/183:39 PM MA1 Cole Stover Yes
12/27/188:59 PM MPO Shaun Kirk Yes
12/27/189:17 PM MPO Dane Jones No
12/27/1810:32 PM MP50 Steve Jones Yes
12/28/189:34 AM MP40 Mike Storrs Yes
12/28/184:33 PM MPO Terran Ferguson Yes
12/28/189:23 PM MP40 Jason Pinkal Yes
12/29/1811:47 AM FA1 Amber Cochran Yes
12/29/1811:47 AM MP40 Crist Garcia Yes
12/31/187:00 PM MA3 Chad Swanson Yes
01/01/193:21 AM MA3 Donald Kepple Yes
01/01/1912:03 PM MA1 Devin Chadwick Yes
01/01/1912:03 PM MA2 Andrew Barlow Yes
01/01/192:29 PM MA1 Tyler Blais No
01/02/198:06 AM MA2 Nathan Graff Yes
01/02/1910:09 AM MPO Michael Ray Yes
01/03/198:12 AM FP40 Kimberly Halsey Yes
01/03/199:48 PM MA1 Grant Payne Yes
01/04/195:35 AM MA2 Josh Warner Yes
01/04/1910:31 AM MA2 Manny Medina Yes
01/04/1910:52 AM MA50 Mark Turley Yes
01/04/191:02 PM MA3 Kevin Carlson Yes
01/04/197:10 PM MA3 Ronald Cornelison Yes
01/04/199:03 PM MA60 Richard Hervey Yes
01/07/1912:49 PM MA2 Matthew Mansfield Yes
01/07/196:54 PM MPO Sean Delohery Yes
01/07/197:10 PM MPO Parker Wright Yes
01/07/197:11 PM MPO Brad Rich Yes
01/07/1911:21 PM MA1 Jacob Velasco Yes
01/08/198:35 AM MA1 Joe Nelson Yes
01/08/198:35 AM MA1 Micah Morehead Yes
01/08/1910:50 AM MA3 Christian Tillotson No
01/08/195:40 PM MA1 Sean Martin Yes
01/08/195:41 PM MA1 Kevin Puac Yes
01/08/199:32 PM FA1 Nina McDonald No
01/08/199:57 PM MA2 Zachary Wertz Yes
01/08/1910:56 PM MA50 Darren Carter Yes
01/10/199:23 AM MPO Sam Gibson Yes
01/10/197:12 PM FPO Madison Tomaino Yes
01/10/197:12 PM MP40 Jesse Tomaino Yes
01/11/196:41 AM MA2 Austin Bottcher Yes
01/11/194:01 PM MP40 Russell Heitkamp Yes
01/11/194:16 PM FP40 Amanda Heitkamp Yes
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