Highway 9 Invitational Registrations

DateTimeDivisionPDGA #First NameLast NameAce Pot
09/27/196:02 PM MA50 Christopher Hanson Yes
09/27/196:09 PM MA1 Justice Berger Yes
09/27/196:09 PM FA1 Kate Berger Yes
09/27/196:10 PM MA50 Don Anderson Yes
09/27/196:47 PM MA2 Tyler Rubin Yes
09/27/197:05 PM MA2 Jonathan Israeli Yes
09/27/197:34 PM MA1 Dan Burke Yes
09/27/197:37 PM MPO John Healy Yes
09/27/197:57 PM MA1 Sam Winecoff Yes
09/27/198:07 PM MA1 Gus Winecoff Yes
09/27/199:10 PM MA1 Anthony Cooley Yes
09/27/1910:25 PM MA40 Gary Hill Yes
09/28/1912:23 AM MA50 Douglas Hamar Yes
09/28/197:59 AM MA1 Jordan Karavias Yes
09/28/199:30 AM MP40 Getty Freeman Yes
09/28/1912:37 PM MA2 Sean Saxer Yes
09/29/198:19 AM MA40 Brian Anderson Yes
09/29/199:45 AM MA50 Steve Rolling Yes
09/29/1910:53 AM MA1 Mikey Barringer Yes
09/29/192:02 PM MA1 Alex Glasgow No
09/30/1912:02 PM MA50 John Johnson Yes
09/30/192:36 PM MA1 Biscuit Longsnake Jankins Yes
09/30/193:23 PM FA1 Jennessa Ewing No
09/30/193:23 PM MA2 Daniel Ewing No
09/30/194:34 PM MA40 Dennis Quatsoe Yes
09/30/198:09 PM MA50 Frank Marzec Yes
09/30/199:25 PM MA2 Robert Land Yes
09/30/1911:11 PM MPO Jed Winecoff Yes
10/01/197:27 AM MPO Tyler Kunkel Yes
10/01/191:32 PM MA50 Lou Berger Yes
10/01/197:39 PM MA1 Marco Reyes Yes
10/01/198:27 PM MA40 Jesse Ingram Yes
10/02/198:31 AM MA50 Paul Kauf No
10/02/1910:29 AM MPO Austin Grinde No
10/02/1911:35 AM MA1 Scott Woods Yes
10/02/1912:38 PM MA50 Edgar Fairbounce Yes
10/02/192:10 PM MPO Jason Van proyen Yes
10/02/194:27 PM MA50 Ted Couillard Yes
10/02/199:27 PM MPO Alex Koeplin Yes
10/03/194:44 PM MA2 Cody Hill No
10/03/196:13 PM MP40 Cajun Yes
10/03/198:07 PM MA2 Todd Rusko Yes
10/03/198:26 PM MA1 Moses Williams Yes
10/04/192:29 AM MA2 Jerad Hufferd Yes
10/04/197:34 AM MPO Travis Thomas Yes
10/04/198:24 AM MPO Josh Bohling Yes
10/04/198:24 AM MPO Damion Bohling Yes
10/04/199:05 AM MP40 Wade Manke Yes
10/04/199:59 AM MA2 Anthony Hawley Yes
10/04/1910:14 AM MP40 Todd Bates Yes
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