Hab/Rec 2019 Registrations

DateTimeDivisionPDGA #First NameLast NameAce Pot
08/05/196:00 PM MP50 Matt Kelly Yes
08/05/196:00 PM MP40 Tj Goodwin Yes
08/05/196:00 PM MP40 Dan Carpenter Yes
08/05/196:00 PM MP40 Jason Pinkal Yes
08/05/196:01 PM MA2 Steve Zebrowski Yes
08/05/196:01 PM MA1 Bowe midland Yes
08/05/196:01 PM MA1 Jake Whitaker Yes
08/05/196:01 PM MPO Shaun Kirk Yes
08/05/196:01 PM MA2 Dustin Smith Yes
08/05/196:02 PM MP50 Mike Ruzicka Yes
08/05/196:02 PM MA40 Daniel Handyside Yes
08/05/196:02 PM FA40 Cindy Mcmahan Yes
08/05/196:03 PM MP40 Jason Choate Yes
08/05/196:03 PM FA40 Julie Choate Yes
08/05/196:03 PM MA40 Jerimie Lankins Yes
08/05/196:03 PM MA50 David Moore No
08/05/196:04 PM MA40 Eric Langsam Yes
08/05/196:05 PM MA1 Zachary Fisher Yes
08/05/196:05 PM FA2 Heidi Gurske Yes
08/05/196:05 PM MA40 Josh Ramsey Yes
08/05/196:05 PM MA3 Dan Martinez No
08/05/196:07 PM MA1 Josh Warner No
08/05/196:07 PM MA40 Patrick Elven No
08/05/196:09 PM MA40 Jon Horgan Yes
08/05/196:13 PM MP40 Jay Huk Yes
08/05/196:13 PM FA1 Ebee Pinca Yes
08/05/196:14 PM MA1 Danny Nonne Yes
08/05/196:14 PM MPO Eric Henderson Yes
08/05/196:15 PM FA1 Janine Rieck No
08/05/196:19 PM MP40 Matthew McCarley Yes
08/05/196:25 PM MA1 Dylan Sigstedt Yes
08/05/196:26 PM MPO Kevin Schuette Yes
08/05/196:26 PM MA40 Mike Nonne Yes
08/05/196:26 PM MA3 Kevin Carlson No
08/05/196:27 PM MP40 Russ Heitkamp Yes
08/05/196:27 PM FA40 Amanda Heitkamp No
08/05/196:30 PM MP50 Richard Reichard Yes
08/05/196:31 PM FA1 Tanya Spence Yes
08/05/196:31 PM MA50 Jeff Hemmerling No
08/05/196:31 PM MPO Travis Head Yes
08/05/196:32 PM MA1 Adam Fitzpatrick Yes
08/05/196:36 PM MP40 Bruce Talamantes Yes
08/05/196:38 PM MA2 Michael Olmstead Yes
08/05/196:39 PM FPO Kailey Hall Yes
08/05/196:39 PM MPO Kenny Hall Yes
08/05/196:45 PM MA1 Jerimiah Johnson Yes
08/05/196:46 PM MA40 Scott Butler Yes
08/05/196:49 PM MPO Andrew Nava No
08/05/196:49 PM MA1 Joe Wesley Yes
08/05/196:59 PM MA3 Jeremy Bursich Yes
08/05/197:04 PM MPO Robert Lockwood Yes
08/05/197:11 PM MA40 Brian Gordon Yes
08/05/197:13 PM MA40 Lawrence Maldonado Yes
08/05/197:32 PM MA3 Allan Chilcutt No
08/05/197:32 PM MA1 Zach Murphy Yes
08/05/197:37 PM MA1 Tom Inglis Yes
08/05/197:37 PM MA1 Jeff Monette Yes
08/05/197:41 PM MPO Nick Sikorski No
08/05/197:50 PM MA1 Casey Kramer No
08/05/198:00 PM MA1 Jacob Dills Yes
08/05/198:01 PM MA1 Cory Dawkins Yes
08/05/198:03 PM MPO Brian Cole Yes
08/05/198:04 PM MA1 Seth Seeman No
08/05/198:05 PM MA2 Aaron Stagg No
08/05/198:12 PM MA50 Paul Coulam Yes
08/05/198:12 PM MA1 Taylor Coulam Yes
08/05/198:12 PM MA2 Joshua Aaron Groat Yes
08/05/198:18 PM MA1 Matt Bertrand Yes
08/05/198:23 PM MA2 Brandon Lohse Yes
08/05/198:48 PM MA1 Brad Hummel Yes
08/05/198:52 PM MA2 Scott Wales Yes
08/05/198:52 PM MA50 Todd Jordan Yes
08/05/198:55 PM MA50 Gawain Stern Yes
08/05/199:00 PM MA1 Brandon McDaniel Yes
08/05/199:03 PM MA1 Michael Myers Yes
08/05/199:08 PM MA1 Zach Palmquist Yes
08/05/199:15 PM MA50 Ken Acquin Yes
08/05/199:23 PM MA1 Colin Walker Yes
08/05/199:40 PM MA2 Caleb Blatz Yes
08/05/199:47 PM MA2 Tyson Rich Yes
08/05/199:47 PM FA1 Rachel Keller Yes
08/05/199:50 PM MP50 Jeff Hagerty Yes
08/05/199:57 PM MP50 Jim Tobish Yes
08/05/199:58 PM MA1 Mark Santa Maria No
08/05/1910:02 PM FA40 Wendy Robles No
08/05/1910:05 PM MA1 Tim Mitchell Yes
08/05/1910:05 PM MA1 David Willging No
08/05/1910:05 PM MP50 Hugh Everett Yes
08/05/1910:10 PM MP50 Jeff Colling Yes
08/05/1910:19 PM MP50 Steve Yang Yes
08/05/1910:48 PM FA3 Tina Stalliviere Yes
08/06/1912:09 AM MA1 Shawn Monk Yes
08/06/194:17 AM MA1 Mitchell Bivens Yes
08/06/195:38 AM MA1 Dustin Hummel Yes
08/06/196:45 AM MA2 Shioan Oudinot Yes
08/06/197:10 AM MA1 Chris Giddings Yes
08/06/197:31 AM MA2 Ted Columbo No
08/06/198:18 AM MA2 Matthew Schroeder Yes
08/06/1910:23 AM MA2 Cody Peters Yes
08/06/1911:45 AM MA2 Noah Hotchkin Yes
08/06/1912:39 PM MA2 Rob Hershinow Yes
08/06/1912:39 PM MA2 Mike Maryanov Yes
08/06/197:07 PM FA1 Jennie Cartwright Yes
08/07/197:22 PM MA40 Eric Person Yes
08/07/198:12 PM MA40 Trey Morgan No
08/07/198:42 PM MP50 Doug Saulter No
08/07/1910:11 PM MP40 Justin Gross Yes
08/08/193:08 AM MA40 Robert Byram Yes
08/08/196:08 AM FA3 April Dawkins No
08/08/1910:35 AM MA40 Greg MacKnight Yes
08/09/197:40 AM MA50 David Traina Yes
08/09/1911:42 AM FA2 Ruth Giddings Yes
08/09/197:51 PM MP40 John Ollis Yes
08/09/1910:20 PM MPO Bryan Wilkinson Yes
08/15/197:32 PM MA50 Rob Smith Yes
08/16/1910:52 AM MP40 Coury Coates No
08/17/1912:22 AM MP40 Daniel Zents Yes
08/18/1912:37 PM MA40 Jeremy John Yes
08/18/192:43 PM MA1 Matthew Moule Yes
08/18/194:29 PM MA40 Pete Wilson No
08/19/1910:41 AM MP40 Ty Baker Yes
08/19/192:30 PM MP40 Michael Best Yes
08/19/193:05 PM MA40 Kevin Korman Yes
08/20/197:41 AM MA50 David Zimmerman Yes
08/20/198:42 AM MA50 Lonell Greene Yes
08/20/1911:25 AM FA1 Lindsay Trant Yes
08/21/196:59 PM MPO Jamison Holtz No
08/23/198:02 PM MA2 Aj Steiner Yes
08/25/198:41 AM MA2 Tyson Long Yes
08/26/191:22 PM MA40 Jevon Schooley Yes
08/29/197:30 PM MA40 Geoff Goldspink Yes
08/29/1910:53 PM MA2 Conor Frank Yes
08/31/1910:14 AM MA2 Ben Miller Yes
09/04/198:26 PM MA40 Josh Myers Yes
09/16/195:42 PM MA2 Nick Nisbet Yes
09/20/1911:05 AM MA1 Martin Hage No
09/22/1911:51 AM MP50 David Munoz Yes
09/23/194:15 AM MA1 Manny Medina Yes
09/24/1910:47 PM MPO Mike Gillespie Yes
09/25/1910:13 AM MP40 Carson Wilson Yes
09/25/195:57 PM FA2 Jamie Williams Yes
09/25/198:13 PM FA3 Alecia Fraser Yes
09/26/198:46 AM FPO Amy Lewis Yes
09/27/197:58 AM FPO Victoria Callahan No
09/28/196:41 PM MA50 Steve Boveri No
09/28/196:55 PM MPO Edward Florance Yes
09/30/198:50 PM MP50 Niemi Michael Yes
10/01/1910:20 PM MA1 Travis Oakley Yes
10/02/1912:22 PM MP40 Danny Wortz Yes
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