Scott Lake Night & Day Registrations

DateTimeDivisionPDGA #First NameLast NameAce Pot
08/16/196:49 PM MA60 Leroy Gay No
08/18/198:23 PM FA1 Shannon Meadows No
08/18/198:23 PM MA2 William Johnston No
08/18/198:23 PM MA2 Simon Weil No
08/21/198:52 PM Nathan Piwonski No
08/23/199:46 PM MA40 Brian Anderson Yes
08/25/1911:30 AM MA40 Kevin David Yes
08/25/1911:30 AM FA1 Rebecca David Yes
08/27/199:05 AM MA2 Jeffrey Snowden Yes
09/02/198:13 PM MA40 Paul Winder No
09/03/192:49 PM MPO Keith Lionetti Yes
09/03/196:29 PM MA40 Todd Bates Yes
09/09/199:19 PM MA1 Joshua Roblee Yes
09/12/198:14 PM MA60 Richard Gill No
09/13/1910:16 AM MA2 Tim Sharp No
09/16/199:23 AM MA1 Drew Johnston Yes
09/19/1911:06 PM MA40 Tim Cotton Yes
10/02/192:48 PM MPO Luke Wondergem No
10/02/196:53 PM MA2 Nicholas Russell Yes
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