16th Annual Freeze in the Trees Registrations

DateTimeDivisionPDGA #First NameLast NameAce Pot
11/29/198:34 PM MA50 Don Anderson Yes
11/29/199:39 PM MA40 Joe Hellickson Yes
11/29/1910:27 PM MA50 John Johnson Yes
11/30/199:07 AM MPO Brian Anderson Yes
11/30/192:09 PM MPO Josh Bohling Yes
11/30/195:40 PM MPO Brad Quatsoe Yes
12/01/1910:38 AM MA1 Greg Plourde Yes
12/01/1912:31 PM MA50 Stephen Rolling Yes
12/01/191:33 PM MA50 Getty Freeman No
12/05/1912:24 PM MA40 Gary Hill Yes
12/05/1912:24 PM MA2 Cody Hill No
12/07/199:53 AM MA40 Buca Jonhs9n No
12/07/199:53 AM MA2 Devon Johnnson No
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