Festivus 2020 Registrations

DateTimeDivisionPDGA #First NameLast NameAce Pot
12/30/196:11 PM MA60 Eugene Fackler Yes
12/30/196:22 PM MA60 Bryce Downey Yes
12/30/196:25 PM MA2 Craig Jensen Yes
12/30/196:51 PM MA3 Cory Garms Yes
12/30/197:17 PM MPO Terran Ferguson Yes
12/30/197:28 PM MA60 Robert Burton Yes
12/30/197:59 PM MA50 Don Alexander Yes
12/30/199:41 PM MPO Scott Withers Yes
12/31/1912:34 AM MA50 Jerry Reller Yes
12/31/198:20 AM MA60 Ralph Huntoon Yes
12/31/198:54 AM FP50 Kimberly Halsey Yes
12/31/192:11 PM MP40 Billy Gaskill Yes
12/31/192:52 PM MA40 Rick Godden No
12/31/197:03 PM MA60 Gary Erwin Yes
12/31/198:28 PM MA1 Nathan Graff Yes
12/31/198:34 PM MA3 Ronald Cornelison Yes
01/01/2012:12 PM MA60 Steven Walgrave Yes
01/02/2012:25 PM MPO Reed Key Yes
01/02/2012:57 PM MPO Patrick Steeves Yes
01/03/207:34 PM MA2 Aaron Summers Yes
01/03/207:40 PM MA2 Rob Dudenhoefer Yes
01/03/207:40 PM MA2 Ben Dudenhoefer Yes
01/03/207:40 PM MA2 Phil Dudenhoefer Yes
01/04/208:56 AM MA2 Jesse Walker Yes
01/04/209:17 AM MA40 Scott Swearinger Yes
01/04/206:17 PM MA1 Evan Bannick Yes
01/04/206:34 PM MA1 Cole Stover Yes
01/04/206:39 PM MA1 Seth Webster Yes
01/04/207:09 PM MA2 Erik Gyllenskog Yes
01/04/207:09 PM MA2 Brad Hale Yes
01/05/207:57 AM FP50 Toni Hoyman No
01/05/207:57 AM MP50 Jay Sexton No
01/05/202:26 PM MA3 Samuel Snider No
01/05/204:09 PM MA1 Matt Rudie Yes
01/05/208:32 PM MP50 Joe Graham No
01/05/209:46 PM MA3 Brandon Jones-Stanley No
01/06/202:29 PM MP40 John Ollis Yes
01/06/204:30 PM MA1 Jesse Golder Yes
01/06/204:32 PM MA1 Mason Blohm Yes
01/06/205:26 PM MP40 Andrew Boyle Yes
01/07/209:24 AM MA2 Tyler Junge Yes
01/07/203:57 PM MA40 Tony Sunseri Yes
01/07/203:57 PM MA40 Eric O'Brien Yes
01/07/207:26 PM MA3 Derrick Dunn No
01/08/205:31 PM MPO Logan Stevens Yes
01/08/207:34 PM MPO James Leon Yes
01/09/2010:16 AM MPO Eric Wilson Yes
01/09/202:52 PM MP40 Mike Storrs Yes
01/09/206:05 PM MA2 Steve Ernst Yes
01/10/206:07 PM MPO Sam Gibson Yes
01/11/202:24 PM MA1 Max Winer Yes
01/11/205:00 PM MP40 John Diestelow Yes
01/13/203:55 PM MA40 Scott Wales Yes
01/15/2011:54 AM MA60 Jim Dubay Yes
01/15/2010:27 PM MA1 Grant Nixon Yes
01/16/2012:38 PM MPO Bryan Van fleet Yes
01/16/202:41 PM MA1 Eric Taylor Yes
01/17/2010:01 AM MPO Dallas Brown Yes
01/17/204:25 PM MA2 John Cooper Yes
01/18/208:31 AM MA40 Robert Voss Yes
01/18/201:32 PM MA1 Matthew Golder No
01/19/2011:43 AM MA40 Marc Haerling Yes
01/19/205:12 PM MA2 Nic Kilkenny Yes
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