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Terms & Conditions's Role is a payment processor helping players register for tournaments offered by independent tournament directors. does not vet tournament directors or players, however, we reserve the right to NOT list a tournament if we feel the tournament is not in the best interest of our sport, or for some reason we doubt the integrity of the tournament. Players should check on the legitimacy of the tournament and/or the director if they have any concern about the legitimacy of the event. 4DiscGolf transfers funds received from the players to the tournament directors at the tournament directors request and once the funds have been transferred has no way of refunding players directly. 4DiscGolf also has a policy of refunding fees for cancellations only at the tournament directors request. We will do our best to help a player contact the tournament director in cases where there is difficulty in communication. 

Registration Confirmation - Oversell Policy:

Occasionally this website will allow players to sign up after an event has filled. In these rare situations will use the timestamp of the order to confirm registrations and offer an imediate refund to players that signed up after the event or division filled. will also work with the Tournament Director to see if  players can be added to a paid waiting list or moved to another division. See PDGA Competition Manual for rules related to registration.

Participant Waiver:

I hereby hold blameless and fully release the, the event directors, local and state park services, and all tournament partners/sponsors, the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), and individuals or parties associated with this event, from all liability of personal damage or injury which I may incur before, during or after my participation in this event. I accept full and sole responsibility for any damage I may cause through negligence and/or malice, including damages or injuries caused by my own throws in practice or competition.

I also recognize that event staff, and any other media outlets covering the event including the PDGA have the right and responsibility to record the event and participants via video and still photography. Such photography may be used for event publicity, public information or any other promotional use that falls within PDGA or event activities.

Cancellation Policy:

Updated to meet the 2016 PDGA Standards.

A player may officially withdraw only by contacting the listed Director of the event via e-mail or phone. The Directors contact information is provided on the registration page for the event AND on the PDGA event page for sanctioned events. Discussions with persons other than the Tournament Director, including other tournament staff, or shall not be considered official.

Refund Requests more than 30 days prior to the start of the event will receive a 100% refund of the entry fee.

Refund Requests less than 30 days prior to the start of the event will ONLY receive a 100% refund if the spot is filled through a waitlist entry or a walkup entry (if offered). If the spot isn't filled then the TD has the choice of providing the player's pack or refunding a portion of the entry fee. In the case of a player in a Pro division for an event without a Pro player pack worth at least 25% of the entry fee the TD will refund a portion of the entry fee.  If the TD chooses to refund rather than provide a player pack the TD must refund 50% of the entry fee for requests between 15 and 30 days prior to the event and 25% of the entry fee for requests less than 14 days prior to the event. 

Players who do not officially request to withdraw from an event and don't play, forfeit their entry fee and do NOT receive a refund or players pack.

Refund Requests made more than 60 days after the initial sign up for an event will incur a 10% service fee.

The 4DiscGolf Transaction Fee is non-refundable.